I Graduated from the University for the Creative Arts: Farnham in the summer of 2017 with a First Class Ba Hons Degree in Animation.

I am a hard working and resourceful stop motion freelancer. I have a constant urge to create as well as animating. I also love to experiment and push myself - In my Graduation film Tone Death, I worked hard on upping the 'gore effect' in my horrific stop motion textures compared to my previous film 'Munchies' to reach an older Audience. 

About me

My obsession for stop motion stemmed from watching Wallace and Gromit "A Grand Day Out" when I was really young on a recordable VHS. I realised that Gromit had a fingerprint on his nose and that meant this story was made by hand. Since then I have wanted to do that too. Now nearly 15 years on, I am an international award winning stop motion animator who is great with organisation and time keeping. I enjoy model making and tinkering when it comes to the pre-production of an animation project and I am looking to improve my skills in advanced model making.

Why not say Hi?

I am always happy to have a chat so feel free to drop me an email or contact me via my linked in account: 

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